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Premium Downloads
Items listed under the 'Premium' section are from our own collection of manuals which have been scanned, edited, bookmarked and compiled into a pdf document.
If you have ever done this yourself you will know how laborious and time consuming this process is. If you have had to buy any of these documents in its original format then you may appreciate the cost that we have undergone to produce these digital copies.
Please bear this in mind and consider making a small donation via Paypal.

Aren't you infringing Copyright Laws by producing and offering these documents for download ?
A. No ! We do not condone Piracy or copyright infringement. We have spent time seeking out, negotiating and have secured approval from copyright holder Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to produce and offer legitimate digital copies of the material.
We believe we are the only Fiat 850 Enthusiast site to offer authorised legitimate downloads.

Q. Are these the same as the items offered elsewhere on the internet/ebay for sale ?
A. No. In all honesty these are probably better. All the documents in the 'Premium' section are either produced by our own scanning or have been traded with other enthusiats and then processed to give you, the enthusiast a premium product.

Q. If your copies are so good why aren't you selling them instead of giving them away ?
It is illegal to sell digital versions of this material. Our agreement with FCA does not permit us to charge for the items.
However, should you download one or more of our premium products we would ask you consider making a Paypal donation to This small sign of your appreciation will help us source more material to include on site.

Q. Can I donate material for inclusion ?
A. Yes Please ! We are seeking additional manuals and sales brochures etc contact us at

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This will encourage us to source more material for inclusion and help pay hosting costs etc

Other Downloads
Downloads not included in the 'Premium' section have been found during several trawls of the internet and are readily available.
If you believe any copyright infringement has been made and you are the owner of the copyright please contact us and we will happily remove the offending item(s)

Shop Manual Image

Shop Manual
The Official Fiat 850 Shop Manual. Covers ALL models

Fiat 850 Parts Catalog Image

Fiat 850 Parts Catalog
Official Fiat Parts Catalog.Covers Saloon, Coupe & Spider

Fiat 850 Super Parts Catalog Image

Fiat 850 Super Parts Catalog
850 & 850 Parts Catalog inc. Body Parts

Fiat 850 Special Parts Catalog Image

Fiat 850 Special Parts Catalog
850 Special Parts Catalog Includes Body Parts

Fiat 850 Sport Parts Catalog Image

Fiat 850 Sport Parts Catalog
Covers Coupe and Spider

Fiat 850T Image

Fiat 850T
Official Fiat 850T Parts Catalog

Fiat Body Parts Catalog Image

Fiat Body Parts Catalog
covers 500, 600 and 850

Electrical Trouble Shooting Image

Electrical Trouble Shooting
Fiat 850 Coupe and Spider Electrical Trouble Shooting Guide

Fiat 600D Parts Catalog Image

Fiat 600D Parts Catalog
Official Fiat 600D Parts Catalog

Weber Image

Parts Catalog covers all variants

Abarth 850 - 1000 TC Parts Catalog Image

Abarth 850 - 1000 TC Parts Catalog
Abarth 850 -1000TC Parts Catalog

Scuderia Topolino Image

Scuderia Topolino
Compilation of website Technical Pages